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A Weekend with Fetish Diva Midori (Dallas, TX)

Advancement for Leather Education presents A Weekend with Fetish Diva Midori!
October 24-26, 2003
Sponsored by Shades of Grey
Hosted at The Sanctuary for Lifestyle Arts

4th Friday (7:00PM to close, see http://www.dallasbdsm.com/fourth for details)
Sanctuary After-Party (10:00PM – 2:00AM, $15 with 4th Friday flyer, $20 at the door)

Pushing the Psychological Edge 1:00PM – 3:00PM
Appropriate experience level: Experienced players only. Not appropriate for novice or casual players
Fire up your scenes by engaging the mind of the players. Midori will debate, discuss and demonstrate various topics from the mental edge of SM play: humiliation, embarrassment, fear and terror, interrogation, annoyance, phobias, name calling, put downs, public scenes and doubt.

Beyond Duality: Fresh Insights into Desire 4:00PM – 6:00PM
Appropriate experience level: novice & all levels
Ever feel like you don't quite fit in to the roles and terms commonly used in SM and kinky sex? Do you question how your desires fit your partners? In this unique class, Midori will show you a new way to look at your desire and how to meet your needs and your partner's needs.

Fetish Worship & Body Worship 7:00PM – 9:00PM
Appropriate experience level: novice & all levels
The dominant's whole body, parts of her body, or any items from her wardrobe can become the object of fetish worship. But this worship brings up many issues. Fetish Diva Midori will explore many of these issues while demonstrating with an appropriate bottom.

Saturday Night Play Party (9:00PM – 2:00AM, regular donation rules apply)

How to be a Professional Dominant 1:00PM – 3:00PM
This introductory class will be centered around a lively discussion on the foundations of professional dominance. We plan to cover topics such as ethics, fundamental training of the professional, advertising, screening, some legal discussions, equipment, etc.

Special Limited Attendance Workshop: Advanced Rope Bondage & Hands-On Workshop
4:00PM – 8:00PM, $30 for Sanctuary members / $35 for non-members

All Classes $20 for Sanctuary members / $30 for non-members

Ticket Packages (excludes Limited Attendance Workshop)
All four classes: $65 for Sanctuary members / $100 for non-members
All four classes and Friday & Saturday parties: $80 for Sanctuary members / $125 for non-members

Tickets available at Shades of Grey
3930 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, TX 75219
For more information email dalaneybug@juno.com
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